Thursday, November 21, 2019

Day 216

Most of my recent runs have been relegated to the treadmill due to weather, lack of sunlight, unfamiliarity with the area, or some combination of the previous items, but today I made it out to meet Sandra and run with Varsity Sports for the first time in weeks. It's so easy to put running on the back burner when 

Today's run was about finding the shortest possible route to two locations rather than running the course as quickly as possible. We had two stops on our route; first, we went to Baton Rouge Beach to meet an On Cloud shoe representative, then we had to go to Mike the Tiger's habitat. It's always a joy to see Mike, and he seemed excited to have so many visitors at night! While we did not win for the shortest route (we covered 3.15 miles, and I think the winner was closer to 2.95), we had a great time! It was fun to switch up the strategy, and I am always happy to throw in lots of walking with my running. We wrapped up the evening at The Chimes, where we got to check out their awesome rooftop porch/bar, then I headed home.

I'm making steady progress on my major assignments that are due by the end of the semester. December 11 is the new October 23; that's the date I am working toward. I already have a lunch planned with Becca and Diana on December 12 to celebrate the end of the semester!

Today's run map
Something that made today great: I served as a mock interviewer for HESPA's Geaux Preaux event and was able to chat with two great master's students!
Time I woke up: 8:00?

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