Sunday, October 6, 2019

Day 262

I had another lovely weekend, but I can already tell I will be looking forward to the next one quickly. Without question, I had lots of fun, but I was not as productive as I had hoped. Next weekend, I am really going to have to buckle down and prepare for midterms. I am possibly running the Cane Field Classic on Saturday morning, and after that--well, after lunch after that--I think I'll pretty much just stay home and hit the books. Knowing me, I will also need at least one study nap. This studying stuff is hard work!

Other than pacing myself through the week (the goal is not to stay up past 1:00 am on any day), I'm going to work on drinking more water. I'm thinking I will strive for 80 oz per day, but I will update on that. Sometimes I can be a little too ambitious when I set these types of goals. Since I didn't take any photos today, here's a stock photo about drinking water.

Photo from Pexels

Something that made today great: Quality nap and walking time with Richard and Scooter
Time I woke up: 7:15 am

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