Thursday, October 17, 2019

Day 251

Today during Lunchtime Lifts, I felt the pump! Although I am a frequent user of phrases like "I'm so pumped"--on this very blog, I have written, "I'm so pumped to go to sleep by 10 pm" and "Salt Shaker Radio is one of my favorite Pandora stations because it gets me pumped up and brings back some good memories"--I had no idea that "the pump" was a term related to exercise and muscle strengthening. I guess you could say I'm pumped to experience and learn more about "the pump." (According to this Men's Health article, Arnold Schwarzenegger once said that the pump has a better sensation than sex. Research says that the pump accelerates muscle growth.)

I was doing bicep curls, and I think I only had a 5 lb weight on the machine, but Paul pointed to my engorged baby muscle and told me that was called the pump! I'm still not convinced that I like strength training, but I guess I am now one step closer to ripping my sleeves when I flex and crushing melons with my thighs. I am not sure that either of those things ranks very highly on any list of life goals I might have, but it's good to keep my options open.

Body Solid Bicep Curl Preacher Machine S2AC
Photo of a piece of equipment similar to where I achieved the pump! From
Something that made today great: Sandra and I had an awesome 5-mile run with Varsity tonight!
Time I woke up: 8:00 I think?

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