Thursday, September 5, 2019

Day 293

Something I am noticing about myself is that after a long day, I am either tired or energized. It is rare that I fall in the neutral/middle portion of the energy spectrum. Coffee could have something to do with it. Today, I managed to go to work, meet with my advisor, attend some meetings related to work, go for a run with Sandra, and attend a Higher Education Student Personnel Association (HESPA) meeting this evening. I'm surprisingly less tired tonight than I am on some days when I do less.

Another possible explanation is that I received a blessing in the student union.

A few months ago, I posted this meme:

Well, today I am pleased to report that the ice cream machine was working at McDonald's! I stopped by McDonald's for a late lunch and ended up with a quarter pounder with cheese, an order of fries, a Coke, and an ice cream cone. So much for moderation, but sometimes you have to strike while the iron is hot--err, while the soft serve is frozen?

Actual ice cream cone from McDonald's that I purchased today
Anyway, I'm going to ride the wave of joy that comes from getting a surprise McDonald's ice cream cone as long as possible.

Something that made today great: I did so many things!
Time I woke up: 8:33 am

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