Sunday, September 8, 2019

Day 290

I am always so impressed by how much I can accomplish in a day when I wake up early and don't take a nap. It's a shame I don't like waking up early, and I love taking naps.

Today started early again because Sandra and I planned to meet at 5:00 am for a 13-mile run that turned into 16 miles. Long runs on tired legs are good for marathon simulation, and the extra distance made our post-run trip to Smoothie King even more rewarding.

This afternoon, I did laundry, helped clean up the front part of my house, edited a paper, read for class, and went to a statistics study group.

Tonight, Richard made a delightful dinner with some steaks and vegetables we picked up on our Costco adventure on Friday, and we hosted Tim for dinner. After dinner, I caught up with Ariel briefly, read some more, and FaceTimed with Leah. I still have some work to do, so I'm going to cut this short. I regret none of the fun I had this weekend, but I do think my life would be less stressful if I could read faster. If a genie comes out of a lamp and wants to grant me three wishes, someone needs to remind me that my first wish should be to read faster while still absorbing the information.

The Smoothie King sign says, "We don't run out of chicken sandwiches," and I love it.
Something that made today great: The feeling of accomplishment from accomplishing so many tasks!
Time I woke up: 4:24 am (I snoozed my 4:15 alarm to get 9 more minutes of sleep)

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