Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Day 288

Apparently, I never pressed "publish" on yesterday's post. Oops.

Today has been a tiring but productive day. Work was productive, and I logged most of my daily steps by walking to meetings I had in various locations on campus, which was a win. Tonight after I came home from work, I was tired and decided to crash for a nap. On Tuesdays, we typically have fried chicken for dinner because it's just easiest for me to pick up something on the way home from Happy's, but tonight, Richard went and picked up dinner while I slept. That was awesome.

Perhaps the most exciting development of the day was that Richard and I finally organized our spare room that has been the catch-all for random stuff over the last year. Moving from a one-bedroom condo to a three-bedroom house has been a delightful change as far as space goes, but "out of sight, out of mind" is definitely a real thing. We already tossed some of the stuff that had accumulated, but I'm expecting to get rid of more items as we continue to work on making that room a more useful space. I can't believe we took this long to finally tackle this task, but I guess we've been busy. Better late than never!

I'm hopeful that I won't be so tired tomorrow. Yikes.

Something that made today great: My nap after work was pretty fabulous
Time I woke up: 8:20 am

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