Friday, May 10, 2019

Day 114

I had a lovely Friday! After sleeping in, I had a lazy morning before heading out to Berry College for a run along the Viking Trail. I'd set out to run 10 miles because that's my long run this weekend, but rain is forecast for Rome most of the weekend. My plan had 5 miles at 11:30 pace followed by 5 miles at 11:00 pace, and I held on for 6 miles but ended up falling short. I threw in the towel after 6.55 miles and walked back to my car, so my total was just under 8 miles for the day. Not bad, but not what I was going for. I think the combination of wearing long sleeves (silly, I know, but I didn't have to slather on so much sunscreen), the weather warming up, and the trail having some hills (as opposed to no hills in Baton Rouge) got me down. I'm going to have to be more realistic about my pace goals while I adjust to (read: tolerate) the heat.

Other than running, I ate good food today: Crunch Berries for breakfast, leftover lasagna (my mom's recipe) for lunch, and Kung Pow Chicken from China City for dinner. I also picked up some ice cream and enjoyed that for a post-run treat.  I also relaxed, caught a little nap, and did some reading. I had ambitious goals to read several books before my summer classes begin, but at this pace, I might only read one book this month. Maybe two if you count Harry Potter.

Something that made today great: Eating Blue Bell Raspberry Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream for a snack. Yum!
Time I woke up: 8:52 am

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