Thursday, April 4, 2019

Day 144

Today, it rained.

Specifically, it rained so much that the sides of the streets were filling with water as I drove to work this morning, then it rained all day. 

My professor ended up canceling class tonight, which was a bit of a bummer because I enjoyed the reading and was looking forward to discussing retention and student success, but there will hopefully be time for all of that next week. I'm not one to complain about the gift of time.

Perhaps I should've used my gifted time to work on my literature review, but instead, I decided to work on my physical health. By the time I left work, the rain had slowed, so I went out for a run and finished my RunBet week early for once. I decided to see if I could run a mile under 9 minutes and 5K under 29 minutes, and I knocked out both! So, I've raised my own bar once more, which is exciting. If I can keep this up, I should be able to finally smash my goal of running a 5:30 marathon, and then it'll be onward and upward to the next thing. I also have my eye on a 10K under an hour, but I'm going to have to find the right 10K, and it's going to start getting hot around here pretty soon. 

Next up is the Screaming Monkey 100 and lots of GOATS fun, which I am really looking forward to. The weekend won't be terribly productive school wise, but I am in a good position at the moment, so I'm not worried. The focus, for now, is having fun on the trail...and hopefully not getting too wet in rainy north Louisiana. 

Something that made today great: Crushing my run! New PRs for the mile (8:51) and 5K (28:36). I'm going to keep working on getting faster!
Time I woke up: 9:00 am. I was not feeling it today.

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