Monday, April 1, 2019

Day 147

I made it home shortly after midnight and talked to Richard briefly before he went back to sleep, and I went to sleep for the night. I slept in a bit this morning and had a good (albeit short) day at work. Monday is one of my Girls on the Run (GOTR) practice days this semester, and the girls were feeling quite silly with their April Fools pranks (or rather, attempts at pranks) during practice, so that was fun.

The highlights of my day, however, came after all of that. I have learned that it's pointless to try to go home between 4:30 and 5:15 because I'm going to hit traffic, and since I was already dressed from GOTR practice, I decided to tackle the first of this week's RunBet runs. I wrote in an earlier post about trying to work on my speed during this RunBet, but I was recovering from 32 miles at Chicot Challenge early last week and did hills on the treadmill yesterday, so I hadn't actually worked on speed much at all. Today, I set out to run 5K in under 30 minutes, and I just barely made it, but it counts! I have the GOTR 5K coming up on April 14, and if I don't end up being someone's running buddy, I think I might try to PR at that race. (My current record is 29:47 at last year's Mudbug Madness in Shreveport.)

I ran so hard that I had to go slowly while walking back to my car (note my differing start/end points on the map), and I even stopped to sit and catch my breath twice--once by the lake and once by a church--but I did eventually make it back to my car so I could drive back home to shower. When he finished at work, Richard and I went out for a date night, which was a nice Monday night treat. (Honestly, spending time with Richard over a burrito bowl is a treat any day of the week.) We also went to the grocery store because I wanted new ice cream, and if you don't think the fact that I had fun doing this is an indicator that I'm becoming a bit of a boring adult, you're probably a bit of a boring adult too. (It's okay.) 

After our wild and crazy date, we went for our family dog walk. Then, Richard went to bed, and I got cracking on some articles I've selected for my literature review. (This pattern of him going to bed early while I stay up to read is likely to be our routine from now until 2022.)

Today wasn't perfect, but it wasn't a bad start to the week!

Something that made today great: Lots of great things mentioned above, but I'll add that the weather was lovely today. I love it when the sun shines but it isn't too hot.
Time I woke up: 9:47 am

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