Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Day 133

I think this will be the last day that I talk about being sick. I finally went to Student Health today, and my doctor declared that I have a sinus infection. Armed with prescription medications, I am confident that this nonsense will be gone on or before Thursday.

Today, I went back to Happy's Run Club! Going to Run Club is something I really need to prioritize in the coming months. I'm scheduled to have a Tuesday night class in the fall, so I want to go to Run Club as much as possible between now and then. Work-life balance is a frequent topic of conversation in my field, but it's something that most people fail to properly achieve. Since transitioning from my previous Residence Life/Greek Advisor practitioner role, I think I've done a better job of finding a balance with work/school and everything else, but being in the throes of writing my literature review, life has recently become a cycle of work, reading/writing, and sleeping with frequent nose blowing as needed. 

Generally, running is a hobby that cannot be ignored if progress is to be made, so I stay accountable to my training schedule. Tonight, specifically, I made it a priority to go to Run Club, and I'm so glad I did. Sandra and I ran 3.2 miles to celebrate the lives of the 32 victims in the shooting at Virginia Tech on this day in 2007. Then, we grabbed our 2-for-1 beers and enjoyed the music and nice weather until the smell of cigar smoke overtook us, and we made a dash for the exit. Once more, I did not finish my 32 oz beer, but I did make it past the halfway mark this week. (I think I had 20 oz!) Since the beers are 2-for-1, anything past the halfway mark is lagniappe. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

My neck looks super long in this picture.
While I was at the doctor today, I confirmed my scale's finding that I've lost 12 pounds since September. To continue the spirit of balance, Scooter and I went to Taco Bell after our walk, and I bought extra quesadillas to eat while I'm writing tonight because nothing throws me out of my writing groove like a growly belly, and I've been eating quite a bit of candy (hello, Hi-Chews!) and Lucky Charms lately. If I'm going to indulge in late night junk fare, I might as well spice it up with some variety.

Now, it's time to settle in and work on my literature review.

Something that made today great: Scooter and I went to Taco Bell!
Time I woke up: 9:00 am

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