Thursday, March 7, 2019

Day 172

Another good day! This is wonderful news. 

I woke up in a good mood, didn’t hit traffic on the way to work, and made it to work right at 9:00. I got my lab work back from my doctor appointment yesterday and learned that my thyroid is at least partially to blame for my recent funk. My medication dosage has been adjusted, and I’m hoping that’s all it’ll take to be on the road to not living in a fog. 

I had a lovely day at work including going out to lunch with ladies from my office as an early celebration of International Women’s Day tomorrow. Class tonight included a WebEx meeting/conversation with David Williams of Rice University, which was fun AND educational. What more could a girl need?

Just as my cup reached the super full point, Richard and I decided to go out for dinner just because. Lately, we have been doing a lot of cooking at home and haven’t gone out to eat just the two of us, so this was a nice treat. We went to Superior Grill, and I allowed myself to order and eat everything I wanted because I have not one but two half marathons this weekend and will need my energy. (Also, I am doing great on my dieting!) For dessert, I had the coconut fried ice cream...YUM! It’s pretty cool that I have the best husband ever. 

Tomorrow should be a good day, and this weekend looks promising too. Perhaps I’ll stay on this path and be back to regularly scheduled optimism soon. 

Photo from ModCloth

Something that made today great: Besides all of the things I mentioned above, I wore my super awesome dinosaur necklace today. 
Time I woke up: 8:00 am? (I usually check my Garmin app for this information, but I apparently rolled over at 4:04 am and moved around enough for my watch to think I was awake.)

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