Friday, March 8, 2019

Day 171

All right, it's the weekend again! I'm optimistic about this weekend, largely because I'm not worn out going into it. That's a good sign, but I need to keep it that way...which promises to be a challenge since I've scheduled myself for two half marathons, Delta Sigma Pi LEAD here in Baton Rouge, and school work. Oh, and we lose an hour this weekend. Swell. I've tried to be careful with my scheduling so that I can rest and not start next week tired, overwhelmed, or grumpy, and if my plans work out, I'll strike exactly the right balance.

I wasn't sure what to blog about today other than my plans for the weekend, but then I remembered that I learned something super awesome today, which is that Black and Decker once made collegiate licensed Dust Busters. My biggest current project at work is assisting with the efforts for a Campus Climate Survey, and I've been asking for donations for incentives from various offices and organizations on campus. In a box of donated items that I picked up today was an LSU Dust Buster, and I am actually a little embarrassed by how excited I was about it...but I think this vacuum is the bee's knees. The person who wins it will be quite lucky.

Despite my busy weekend ahead, the most notable thing to blog about today was the LSU Dust Buster. I guess it's like that sometimes. Happy weekend, y'all!

Something that made today great: I usually try to write something here that wasn't in the regular content of my blog post...but it's hard to top an LSU Dust Buster.Time I woke up: 6:28 am (buuut I played on my phone for a bit before I actually got up)

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