Saturday, March 16, 2019

Day 163

At the last minute, I ended up going out to a Shamrock Run 5K today in Baton Rouge. There's a big parade in honor of St. Patrick's Day (or maybe just as an excuse to party--I'm not here to make that judgment) every year in Baton Rouge, but this was the first year (or maybe first year in a while) that there was a run involved. Long story short, when I was attempting to park, I listened to someone who told me I wouldn't be able to get out of one parking lot after the race, moved my car to a location where I was told I would be able to get out after the race...and then the opposite happened. While I was proud of myself for being a good rule follower and not copping an attitude with the volunteer who told me I needed to move, I was displeased after the race when I wasn't able to drive myself home. (Fortunately, Cousin Tim didn't listen to the rules and was able to drive me home.) I didn't have any plans outside of the house today, so it wasn't a big deal to not have my car. My main goals were to nap, do a little homework, and do some pleasure reading. Then, I'd walk Scooter and cook dinner...nothing too crazy.

As anyone who's ever shared a hotel room or attended a sleepover with me can attest, I am a deep sleeper. Scooter loves to bark any time another dog walks by or someone comes to deliver mail or a package to our house, but I am able to fall back asleep quickly even when she does wake me up. Also, she usually doesn't bark for an extended period of time.

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Well, today while I was falling back asleep after a Harry Potter reading break, she started barking, and she kept barking. And barking some more. Then, someone tried to enter my bedroom. I heard him turn the handle on my locked door, and I panicked. I don't know if he saw me sit up in bed or not, but by the time I made it to the front of my house, he was pulling out of the carport and driving away. I called the police, but other than a description of the man and the vehicle, I didn't have much information to provide.

So, that was unsettling. I'm thankful that Richard and I are pretty diligent about locking our doors, because the robber (or robber wannabe) would've been able to enter the house with me while I was sleeping. I probably wouldn't have heard a person walk in, either, so I have a special appreciation for Scooter's barking. (I showed her my appreciation by giving her some pulled pork with her kibble for dinner.)

Although I was disgruntled about my car being stuck across town all day, it wasn't because I was concerned about having an empty driveway. I just wanted to drive myself home and stay at home all day. I doubt this attempted burglary would've happened if my car had been in the carport, but maybe this scare was what we needed to make a more serious investment in security monitoring for our house. I'm so shaken up after the whole affair that I don't even want to nap when I'm home alone...and if I don't want to nap, you know it's serious. 

I'm ready to invest in all kinds of security equipment now. 

Something that made today great: I picked up some of my favorite snacks and treats from Trader Joe's today!
Time I woke up: 6:15 am 

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