Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Day 153

Over the past month or two, Richard and I have established the post-dinner dog walk as a sort of ritual at our house. Richard encourages his patients to take a walk after dinner for their health, and he tries to do for himself what he encourages others to do for their health. Sometimes I have a lot to do and let Richard and Scooter go on their own, but I always enjoy the nights when I join them. Most of the time when Richard and I are home and talking together, we're doing something else like cooking, eating, or playing games on our electronic devices, but dog walks are simpler, so they have become a good time for us to talk through our day or the upcoming days and make plans accordingly.

Tonight on our walk, I was playing through the next few weekends, and I have something fun and exciting planned almost every weekend until the second weekend in June. Woah, baby.  I have my school stuff scheduled out, but the time to rest and be by myself still needs to be written in; otherwise, I'll end up crashing in the middle of the week, which is less than ideal. As I was justifying my plan, I told Richard, "Well, I'll be out of school in May, and I don't think I'll be working, so I'll have time to rest then," and he said to me, "You know you're entitled to a break sometimes, right?"

Of course. Maybe. No. Yeah, definitely. I totally am. I think.

I didn't answer his question with much confidence, but I knew he was right. Even thinking back to Saturday when I messed up the relay exchanges, I don't give myself a break often, and that's not fair to me. So, for the next few months as I'm staying busy almost every weekend and trying to balance a lot of awesomeness at once, my reminder to myself will be that I'm entitled to a break sometimes, and so is everyone else, which means I also need to be gracious in giving breaks to others.

Photo from Pexels. This photo isn't Richard, me, our dog, or our neighborhood.
Something that made today great: I came home for lunch with Richard and Scooter!
Time I woke up: 8:30 am

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