Thursday, February 14, 2019

Day 192

Today started off great. I woke up early and went for a run, then I took a shower and picked up stuff around my house that was way out of place before my housekeeper arrived. After selecting a lovely skirt and blouse ensemble for the day, I straightened my hair, read through my paper one last time, and submitted the assignment. Then, I started working on some other school assignments and realized that I was too tired to read about research paradigms or even skim some journal articles, so I decided to do some work on my planner. That lasted for a few minutes before I knew I wasn't going to be able to do anything else until I got a little more sleep. I have mentioned before that I am not a morning person, but this is especially so when I am running on little sleep. 

I'd heard the phrase "burning the candle at both ends" before--heck, I knew I was doing it before--but today it really crept up on me and surprised me. I knew I was tired from traveling and playing catch up on my school work, but I figured I would get through the week with a big dose of caffeine and recover over the weekend. Unfortunately, I started feeling terrible, and my train stopped on the tracks today around 11:00 am. I decided to nap (in my outfit--literally just took my shoes off before climbing into bed) and try to arrive at work for my regular Thursday afternoon meetings, but when my alarm went off at 1:30, I knew even that much wasn't going to happen. Fortunately, my work schedule was not packed with things that had to be done today, and I caught a few more hours of sleep before I had to go to class. On the bright side, I was alert and prepared for class!

I'm wrapping up my presentation for journal club tomorrow afternoon, and then I'm heading to bed. My fingers are crossed that I will be better rested tomorrow so I can be a functioning, contributing member of society and my office. Then, the plan is to adequately balance relaxing, self-care, and school preparation over the weekend so I won't run into this situation any time in the near future.

Time I woke up: 5:29 am
Something that made today great: A sweet Valentine's Day card from Richard

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