Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Day 181

While I didn't make it out for a run today, I can say that overall, Tuesday turned out to be a better day than Monday was, at least with respect to not feeling too tired to do anything. I finished my homework for Wednesday's class without any problems, and now I am writing a draft of my first ever grant proposal! I am excited but also a little nervous; fortunately, my advisor is going to help me navigate this process.

Much of our conversation in class yesterday was about writing literature reviews, and today I attended a library workshop called "Literature Reviews 101," which has been timed nicely with finding more articles to read before I submit my grant proposal, plus it's going to help me in class. If nothing else, I should have a better technique for quickly determining which articles need a quick toss, which ones I can skim, and which ones will require deep reading.

So, I'm working through the literature and trying not to work my printer too hard for articles that I won't end up using. I have a trusty mug of hot tea and am ready to hammer out this first draft. Hopefully, I'll be ready to revise it in a day or two, too. Gotta love a good writing process (even if I don't have much of one for my blog)!

Something that made today great: Not setting an alarm and getting eleven hours of sleep last night
Time I woke up: 8:30 am

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