Thursday, January 17, 2019

Day 198

Classes started last Wednesday, but since I was out of town, I had a bit of a late start to the semester. As of today, I have attended all of my classes, and I can say for sure that I like all of them. I'm so fortunate to be in a program I love and that I can be a student full time. I really do love learning! I hope I can keep this energy up all semester.

One of my class assignments is to schedule my days in advance on a calendar in one color of ink and go back in a different color and document how I actually spent my time. I still have my Erin Condren planner and fun stickers, but I'm also using the template my professor provided because I like the space for reflection. I am not sure that maintaining two planners is the best use of my time, but so far it's helping me stay organized. I've spent a lot of time catching up on reading this week, but  I am already working on spacing it out next week. So far, I'm finding that I work best in hour or half-hour chunks with 15- or 30-minute breaks, and I am enjoying challenging myself to stick to what I said I would do as much as possible. As a bonus, I reward myself with green highlights for the chunks of time when I actually do what I said I was going to do. It really is a lovely visual.

Much of the weekend will be taken up with Rendezvous Louisiane festivities, but I'm going to find a little bit of time to work among all of the fun. Since I won't have work or class on Monday, I should have plenty of time for reading and relaxing. Maybe I'll do a little running, too. 

Something that made today great: I attended an awesome Junior League training about creating effective presentations
Time I woke up: 7:30 am?

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