Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Day 195

I'm learning, largely through using my calendar to visualize how my time is spent, that when I plan ahead and do things in advance, I not only feel less stressed out, but I also have the benefit of variety and choice when I don't absolutely have to finish reading or writing something before I go to sleep.

Today, for instance, I was able to choose a caffeine-free tea for my reading/studying beverage rather than my typical Angel's Dream tea that I drink when I need a boost while I'm studying. (Nobody's paying me for that endorsement.) I don't even know how we ended up with caffeine-free tea in our house in the first place, but it's nice to try something new when I'm drinking tea as a way to stay warm but not necessarily awake. This is not an option I typically give myself.

My super sweet nephew painted this mug for me, and it's extra big! Perfect for studying.
While I do sometimes struggle with time management, the source is usually less about how much time I am wasting on things like cell phone games or reading every single comment on a politically-charged Facebook post and more about trying to do too many things. Just yesterday, I reflected on my current goals which include the following:

  • Run my first 100K (February 2)
  • Run a 2:30 half marathon (March 9)
  • Lose some weight so the quad butt doesn't reappear

Those are all great goals, but this week, they're colliding and conflicting with each other. As I'm making preparations for Saturday's race, now is not the time to try to build speed in my running or have a calorie deficit each day. I need energy for my longest race ever! Each goal will come in time, and I am looking forward to changing the "lose some weight" goal back to "maintain this weight" in the next few months, but some of what I am trying to achieve will have to take place sequentially.

Fortunately, I am learning to give myself the gift of time and to take a step back and look at my own practices. There's nothing fun about being stressed out from doing too much, even if the things I am doing are anything but stressful in their own rights.

Perhaps having the opportunity to choose a tea without caffeine is a small, even inconsequential thing, but I'm looking forward to transferring this realization to other aspects of my life. Imagine what I could do with more flexibility in my studies, running, and personal life. Surely the best is yet to come.

Something that made today great: I had a wonderful run after work today AND I looked cute in my winter workout gear.
Time I woke up: 9:28 am (Yikes!! But I was up late Sunday, and Monday was exhausting.)

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