Thursday, November 15, 2018

Day 5

Thursdays are good days because I never have homework due, and the next day is Friday. I especially enjoyed today because I got to eat two delicious meals: Thanksgiving lunch at my office and family dinner at cousin Emily’s. This was not an outstanding day in my pursuit to eliminate my quad butt, but I did offset some damage by going for an awesome run around the LSU lakes with Sandra. In my fantasy world, going for a run would make eating an infinite amount of crawfish etouffee a reasonable action. Instead, at least running keeps me a little healthier. 

In this season of family, friends, and things to be thankful for, I’m so thankful to be surrounded by loved ones and amazing people. I’m heading into Thanksgiving week with a grateful heart. 

Something that made today great: Great 5.4 mile run after work with Sandra!
Time I woke up: 8:36 am

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