Thursday, November 1, 2018

Day 19

What a great Thursday! I was busy and productive at work, and I made myself go to the UREC for some hills on the treadmill before I went home.  I have a 50 mile race in January, and it’s not one of those fast and flat courses that I love to run. This race is going to require significant hill training, and Baton Rouge simply cannot offer me the elevation changes I need to train properly. After missing my PR at Silver Comet, I have regained some of my respect for training. I knew it was necessary the whole time, but I need to be more serious about my goals going forward. So, I hit the treadmill for 1000 feet of elevation change, and I accomplished my goal with a respectable pace. I think I’m going to have to do some long runs on the treadmill, which means long days at the UREC in the next few weeks. But it’ll be worth it. 

Conveniently, one of the GOATS, Preacher, is in Baton Rouge for a conference, and we met up tonight for some brews and chat about trail fun in the coming months. I’m only signed up for races through January, but there are opportunities for ultra racing in Louisiana every month from now until April. I loved catching up, including rehashing some of our favorite moments from Leadville, and I’m even more excited for my running future than I was coming off of the Silver Comet Marathon on Sunday. There is absolutely a snowball effect that comes from talking with other runners, signing up for more races, and looking ahead to the next ridiculous challenge. I’m so glad this running life chose me. 

Tomorrow is Friday, and we are heading into the weekend with excitement about the Alabama game on Saturday. I of course have plenty of reading and preparations to handle for school, but I’ll reserve those for Friday and Sunday. (I think this means we are actually finding a routine here, and I like it.)

If you ate an acai bowl and didn't photograph it, did you really eat an açaí bowl?

Something that made today great: eating an acai bowl and catching up with an LSMSA alumnus in the student union
Time I woke up: 7:16 am

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