Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Day 13

One way I can tell that I have gotten older is that I don't write nearly as well while tired as I used to.

Actually, I'll amend that. 

I don't caffeinate myself nearly as much when I write these days, and I'm learning why writing while tired wouldn't have worked for me in college. It's because I write silly stuff that I'll have to go back and change later, and when you're writing at the last minute, there's no time for that sort of goofing off.

I wrote more than my fair share of last minute papers in college (though I did write some in advance, too), but as I was getting toward the end of my paper that's due Monday, I realized I was losing steam and being less careful about the things I wrote as placeholders for real section titles. Without further ado, I present selections from the section titles in my critical issue paper draft:

  • Throwing Money at the Problem
  • Many Students Have to Work
  • Pay the Little Bills
  • The Melt Can Suck It
  • Remediation Ain't All That Helpful
  • Colleges Could Stop Spending Money on Excessive Frills

The good news is that the bulk of the work on this paper is done, and I feel like part of the weight has been lifted. After I've slept, I'll reread my paper and work on section titles, then I can rinse and repeat until I submit the paper on Sunday night or Monday morning.

Artistic rendering of me writing papers in college from 
Something that made today great: Finishing (well, finishing-ish) my critical issue paper! My goal was to only have editing for the weekend, and I am there.
Time I woke up: 7:43 am

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