Saturday, November 10, 2018

Day 10

I love race season! My second race of the season is tomorrow morning in Mobile, Alabama, and I’ll be joining some fabulous ladies in my first ever 12K. Even better, I’m running with my supervisor, Jennie, in her first (I think) 12K, and it’s going to be cold enough that we should be able to run a good pace. 

As excited as I am for the race, what I have enjoyed as much or more has been the road trip and touristy fun of traveling to Mobile and enjoying friendly time with other women. There was so much laughing, talking, and story swapping on the ride over from Louisiana. We thought we were going to enjoy a nice Mexican dinner at Los Tacos, but we ended up at Hooters after discovering that Los Tacos looked a little too fast-foody for what we were trying to achieve. While there, we watched LSU football, enjoyed wings (I looooove
Hooters wings!) and enjoyed free beverages thanks to an anonymous kind soul. I think the person saw Elena’s Marine gear and wanted to treat a veteran before Veterans Day. We sent them some vintage Marine Corps poker chips as a thank you, then we retreated to our hotel for a fairly calm evening of resting our muscles and relaxing in a hot tub. We are doing the most for this race. 

I’m so glad I finished my papers so I can fully enjoy the fun of traveling, running, and being with good people. I miss my dreamy husband and best dog, but a girls trip after a week of intense paper writing has been good for my soul!

Sign us up for your next “mostly blonde ladies having fun at rest areas” photo shoot! Competitive rates.

Something that made today great: I finished my second paper!
Time I woke up: 5:38 am (woah, baby)

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