Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Day 48

Next week is Midterm week, and I have vacillated between being anxious (an emotion we discussed at Girls on the Run practice today!) and excited. When I'm feeling excited, I am genuinely looking forward to showing what I have learned on a test (I realize this makes me a HUGE nerd), but when I am anxious, I wonder if I have overestimated myself and my abilities as a doctoral student.  So, keeping the scale tipped in the direction of "excited" is my major task for the next week or so. I said I was going to buy myself a cake as soon as October hit since that would mean I had survived a hectic September, but now I think I'm going to hold off on the cake and wait until after midterms. (Now that I have written down that I am going to wait on the cake, watch me post tomorrow or Friday that I caved and bought myself a cake...)

I took last night off from studying but have been busy tonight preparing for a study date tomorrow morning/afternoon. Perhaps the best way to feel prepared for my midterms will be to study early and study often, so that is what I am trying to do. It's hard to believe that I am almost halfway through the semester, but I guess the time flies when you're trying to make sure you don't fall behind. 

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I did take some time this evening to catch up with my Work Wife, Tricia, and she's coming to visit next month, just in time for the Girls on the Run 5K! That's also the weekend after my big paper for Introduction to Scholarship in Education is due, so I will be ready to celebrate again when she gets here. Between races and visits from family and friends, the next two months are going to be incredibly busy but also great fun.

Something that made today great: Girls on the Run practice! My team makes me laugh so much.
Time I woke up: 8:23 am. 

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