Thursday, October 4, 2018

Day 47

A woman cannot live on coffee and salad alone, but I sure tried today. (I ended up with a stomach ache.) I started the morning at home with a cup of coffee, then I headed off for my study date, which happened to be at a coffee house, so I had coffee there. Around 1:30 pm I realized that I hadn't had any real food, and when I went to grab a smoothie bowl (a meal I keep saying I will eat, but instead I always end up at Panda Express), the "On the Geaux" store was I grabbed a salad instead and scarfed that down with a Coke to drink, because if I needed anything, it was more caffeine. So, I wasn't feeling great by the middle of the afternoon, but the feeling eventually passed, and I joined my friend Ellen for a little running in our neighborhood after work.

I spent the morning studying with a classmate and working through some statistics problems. It was slow, and we completed fewer problems than we'd hoped to finish, but there was some good learning. We plan to meet again on Sunday and Monday, so I'm on my own to knock out some material until then (or maybe I'll find another study date!) The third best part of the study session (after grasping the concepts and getting the problems correct) was breaking out colored pens to use as a visual aid.

Honestly, anyone who is learning statistics and is not using colored pens is probably not as excited about reviewing notes or the learning process in general as I am. I am definitely here to embrace the learning process and make the most out of this class. Definitely. Maybe someone should do an independent samples t-test and see if statistics students who use colored pens make higher grades and/or report higher satisfaction with their courses. That'd be some useful research.

Something that made today great: Lots of great things today! Other than what I mentioned in my post, Richard made chicken fajitas for dinner, and they were delicious. (They were also more substantial than my other two meals of salad and coffee.)
Time I woke up: 8:07 am. (I am not on an upward trajectory this week...)

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