Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Day 41

I know there are plenty of comedians out there who could make me laugh, and I also have a plethora of funny friends, but my Girls on the Run team is a special kind of hilarious. They're the most wonderful group of third graders who come to practice ready to contribute and have a good time. Sometimes they are so excited that they talk over each other, and we have to remind them of one of the team rules we set at our very first practice: only one person talks at a time. Sometimes they get tired of running and have to walk, but they still try pretty hard most of the time.

Today at practice, we talked about gratitude and how we can choose to be grateful or ungrateful about all kinds of things in life. One of our activities today was to name something, and the girls would have to respond with a statement of choosing to be grateful and a statement of choosing to be ungrateful. For example, for a pair of old shoes, they chose "I'm glad I have shoes to cover my feet, and I can clean them up so they'll look nicer," and for ungrateful, they chose "These shoes ugly."

The girls have a firm grasp on how opposites work, so when we talked about "teachers," they took the easy way out and went for "I love my teacher" for the grateful statement and "I hate my teacher" for the ungrateful statement. This allowed for a great learning moment about how being grateful or ungrateful can extend beyond loving or hating something, and they seemed to understand. For "vegetables" they went with "Vegetables can make me strong and healthy" as the grateful statement and "Vegetables are nasty" for the ungrateful statement. I think we really helped them understand today's lesson.

Each season, GOTR teams across the country also participate in Community Impact Projects. The projects are somewhat limited in that they need to be something that can be taken care of during practice time and at the practice site, but we haven't quite gotten that far yet. Past teams I have worked with have made toys for pets at shelters, written cards for children in the hospital, and made traveler supply bags for a homeless shelter. Today, we brainstormed for our project, which mostly meant that the girls identified needs in their community. I am amazed by how their awareness of some of the most awful things in the world and the greatness of need pairs with honest, innocent, and simple ideas to make their community a better place. I sometimes struggle to remember what my life was like when I was their age, but I was touched by many of their ideas.

And some of their ideas made me laugh a lot. For example, I was jogging and walking with two girls who were talking about ideas (they could add to the sign after each lap), and one girl suggested, "We could help people who got burned or run over" and her partner said, "No we can't, because they're all dead."

I took a photo of our sign, and below I present their suggestions without further comment. Spelling is all reflective of spelling on the poster except when I thought there needed to be some clarification. Who knows what we'll actually decide to do.

  • Help poor people
  • Love people
  • Help people affected by Hurricane Michael
  • Love people who treat you bad and be kind to everybody in the world!!!
  • Help people that got knnptaed (kidnapped)
  • Help people medicare surgery! plea$
  • Help peple that's in danger
  • Help people that can't walk
  • Help parents that can't find their kids By: Symireah
  • Help people that lost the leg By: Edyn
  • Help plant and dogs
  • Be a good friend
  • Be kind -Kailey
  • Help people who are in need like poor people help them please!!!!!!
  • Keep people safe! By: Symirea
  • Help kids with education
  • Help kids a-time when they need help
  • To help people thats in the housital (hospital) give they letter and sent money!
  • Help every animal (every animal is like a human)
  • Help people stay warm an healthy 
  • Write on a poster that says stop littering and collect cans, bottles, and newspaper
  • Be kind to your coaches like Hannah, Kimberly, and Dana
  • Help people that lots (lost) their house
  • Help our teachers
  • Help someone
  • Help kid be smart
  • Keep people safe from trondos, herrcan, (tornadoes, hurricanes) floods too! By: Symireah
  • Help people that can't find their kids
  • Help people get over bad stuff that happened to them
  • Help people that got hurt
There's quite a concern on our team with people who are kidnapped or people who can't find their kids. My money is on that one for our final project...somehow.

Something that made today great: Free tots at Sonic because I reloaded my card on the mobile app. Boom.
Time I woke up: 8:59 am. That's what happens sometimes if you go to bed at 2 am.

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