Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Day 21

Scooter is fascinated by the contents of our trash can, and I have about had enough of her shenanigans. Today, she spread her mischief to our kitchen counter and turned a sponge into a chew toy. Not cool, pupperoni. Not cool at all. 

A ritual at our house on most weeknights is for Richard and Scooter to go on to bed while I stay up and read or do homework. Usually, Richard and Scooter fall asleep, and Scooter makes a warm spot on the bed for me. Then, when I come to bed, I put Scooter in her crate and have a partially warm place to sleep. On nights when I have done enough school stuff for the day, we all hang out on the bed (which is so much more comfortable now that we have a king size bed) until it’s time for Scooter to go in her crate. 

Tonight, Richard stayed up a little later because he doesn’t have work tomorrow, and I finished my homework a little earlier thanks to being out of class earlier tonight. That meant we got to play on our phones together on the bed. I hugged Scooter and said to Richard, “I love Scooter,” and he turned to me and said, “Yeah, she’s the best, even if she ate a sponge and is going to poop it out soon.”

This is the kind of “I would love ______ even if _____” stuff I would have never imagined saying, but here we are. I guess we will have more of these in the future as our time as dog parents progresses. 

Something that made today great: Five miles around the LSU lakes with Jennie! 
Time I woke up: 8:14 am

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