Saturday, September 1, 2018

Day 80

While I wouldn’t go so far as to say today was a great day, I think it fair to state that today was the best day it could be. Funerals are always hard, but they are certainly made easier with comfort from others. The weather was lovely, and the family had amazing support from other people who also loved Kathy. It was the outpouring of love that she deserved, with perfect hymns and words of peace that many people needed in this difficult time. 

I’m tired now and want to keep tonight’s post short, but I have at least one idea for tomorrow. I will close with this poem, written by a family friend (more family than friend) that I was honored to read at the ceremony. There are so many wonderful things we could say about Kathy, and this hits some of the high points. 

Remembering Kathy
by Celia Jones

Much more than skill
It was her touch
That gave life to her creations
That came to mean so much

Always family first
Before her own needs
Her giving heart overflowed
With thoughtful words and deeds

The things that she crafted
With mind and heart so very clever
Made the garments and crayon holders
To be cherished forever 

Her gardens and yard
Remind of Giverny’s
She taught French, loved France
Even took students on her journeys

Her culinary talents
Were Heaven sent
An evening at her table
Made dining an event

Angel wings from St. Peter
She earned her first day
She only had to serve him
Her crème brûlée 

Something that made today great: meeting family members I hadn’t met before and sharing lovely stories of Kathy 

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