Thursday, September 6, 2018

Day 75

People have plenty of ideas about how many days a person has to do something until it becomes a habit.  I have never been one of those "run every day" type of runners, but I did once have a streak where I ran or walked at least a mile every day. I made it at least 50 days, but I don't think I hit 60.

Regardless of any run streak, what I will say is that I have been a regular runner for a while, but not a daily runner. Since I started my GA job and school, however, I have let running fall by the wayside. Whatever habit I did have is now eluding me; I have skipped my long run the past two weeks in a row, which is not a good thing when training for a marathon.

My schedule has been out of whack with traveling and adjusting to school, and the conclusion I have reached is that if I want to be great at all of the things I'm doing, I'm going to have to become a morning person. I wrote a whole post about naps yesterday, but I really like regular sleep too. A perk of becoming a morning person is that I might be more productive earlier in the day, so I'll have more time for possible napping, but this is going to be a real struggle for me. Maybe I'll start documenting when I wake up on my daily blog posts. That could be a good motivator.

Another good motivator is that my next race, the Silver Comet Marathon, is only 51 days away. If I can put in a few solid weeks of training, it'll be time to taper. I am chasing a time goal (sub-5:30) that I have been trying to hit for a little while, but if I don't get with it soon, I will be in trouble. 

Here goes nothing!

This is the face of someone who just got whipped by a treadmill. 

Something that made today great: I went to the UREC during lunch and ran 3.04 miles on the treadmill!

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