Friday, September 28, 2018

Day 53

Quick post today because I was finishing homework (oops) and just noticed the time.

I'm a volunteer coach with an organization called Girls on the Run. I was involved with GOTR in Shreveport and didn't expect my schedule to work where I could coach this season, but there is one team that meets on Wednesdays and Fridays, so I was able to pick up a volunteer gig.

GOTR is a personal development program for 3rd-5th grade girls that also includes preparing to run, walk, skip, or even dance through a 5K at the end of the season. I adore the program and am so glad to be able to work with my team this season. We have ten 3rd grade girls, and I am so amazed by the way they see the world. In some ways, their knowledge of how to treat others and be a good person is remarkable and encouraging, but they also have their moments where they do or say typical things that 8 and 9-year-olds say.

Today's lesson was about positive self-talk. Before the workout, each girl thought of an example of negative self-talk she had said about herself or heard another person say and wrote that down on a sticker. They were things like "I am not smart," "I can't do this," and "I am not brave." During the workout, we talked about ways to turn that negative talk around with positive self-talk, and at the end, we blew up a balloon and stuck the stickers to the outside of the balloon. Coach Hannah read all of the stickers aloud, and the girls had to respond to each one with positive self-talk. Then, we popped the balloon and smashed the negative self-talk.  They were full of passion and energy when they were responding positively, and I loved sharing this lesson with them. (Sometimes, the GOTR feels like a lesson I need in my life, too.)

I love their faces in this photo!

After practice, I picked up Scooter, and we came home to start a good weekend. I intend to go for at least two runs, do at least six hours of reading/homework, take at least two naps, watch at least four hours of TV, and wear my pajamas for at least 24 hours of the weekend. I'll also do some laundry. I'm setting the bar high!

Something that made today great: "Lunch with good people" at Creole Cabana -- I went out to lunch with people from my office, and not only was the food delicious, but the company was magnificent.

Time I woke up: 7:15 am

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