Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Day 98

Never have I ever had a dog. Until two and a half weeks ago, that’s one line I could use in a game of “Never Have I Ever” and make most people put a finger down, take a drink, or whatever else people do in that game. 

Never have I ever been to a dog park. That one would have worked until about two weeks ago. 

Never have I ever bagged up dog poop. That would’ve worked until...about an hour ago. 

Richard and I (mostly Richard though) have been looking forward to adopting a dog once we moved out of our condo and into a bigger place with a yard.  Before we even left Shreveport, Richard was checking adoption websites, learning animals’ stories, and getting a little too attached to prospective pets who were not likely to end up at our house.  

Then, one Friday, we found a dog on the Nextdoor app that seemed like a good fit for us. Potty trained, good with kids (and other people too), and not likely to jump over our fence were just a few appealing traits this dog had. We arranged to meet Scooter — that’s her name — the next day, and her previous family let us take her for a test drive at our house. She fit in pretty quickly, and now we have a dog!

While we were out of town for the weekend, we boarded her at her veterinarian, but we want to let her stay somewhere with more playtime next time we are gone, so we looked into enrolling her at Camp Bow Wow. Their website is full of dog puns, and they refer to the dogs as “campers,” which made us laugh. We were sold. 

Before staying at Camp Bow Wow, each dog must complete an interview process, mainly to see that they can play well with others, I guess. Richard took Scooter for her interview first thing this morning, and she spent the day there. Everything went beautifully, and we are proud that our pupper can now attend Doggy Day and Overnight Camp. 

Never have I ever had a bad dog. Fortunately, I can still say that one. 

Something that made today great: While walking back from my meeting with my advisor (which was great on its own) I ran into one of my former LSMSA students at a crosswalk! Then, on my way home, I saw another former student, and he didn’t ignore me when I rolled down my window to yell and wave at him. 

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