Sunday, August 12, 2018

Day 100

I am horrendously inconsistent when it comes to blogging, but I’m going to try to get back into it again. For the next 100 days, I am going to post something to this blog. My rules for myself are that each blog post must:
1. Be at least two sentences long
2. List something great about that day (even if the day wasn’t so great) 
3. Be written by me on that day (content from another blog will be acceptable as long as it was written by me on that there could be some posts about marathon training)

I am hoping that counting down from 100 will be more effective than counting up from 1; we will see. There’s no time like the present, so here’s my first post. 


Tomorrow is the first day of my Graduate Assistant job at LSU. Richard and I have both been out of work for over a month, which has been a treat seeing how at least one of us has had a busy schedule ever since we got married, usually both. We went to Ruston this weekend for family fun, which was the first time I had seen one of my sisters-in-law (had to look up if that should be sisters-in-law or sister-in-laws. Here’s some useful reading about compound words if you’re interested) and her kids since Christmas. It’s been quite a year, so the family time was welcome.

I am looking forward to starting my job tomorrow and my classes next week. The last year (plus some) has been spent preparing for this move, with studying for the GRE, taking the GRE, writing essays, filling out applications, traveling, interviewing, panicking, praying, and making a major decision. I recognize that graduate school is going to be exhausting at times, but I’m ready to start the has certainly taken a lot to get to this point, but I feel prepared. 

Something that made today great: stopping at Billy’s Mini Mart and returning home with a freezer bag of delicious Cajun goodies to enjoy later. 

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